Monday, October 9, 2017

Wasteland Weekend, OOTD and Fallout Checkers ~*GIVEAWAY*~ from Usaopoly

I'm tired of "micro-blogging". I think it's time to get back to what GG is all about and re-tell some of my experiences in the geek space! Recently I had the chance to attend Wasteland Weekend for the first time. For those unfamiliar, it's a post-apocalyptic party in the desert. Are you a Mad Max or Fallout fan? Do you like dressing up and getting your hands dirty? This is the event for you. WHAT A F***ING BLAST YOU GUYS. I haven't had that much fun at an event in a long time.

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The event takes place out in the Mojave desert with no modern civilization to be seen. I love me a good themed event but Wasteland really does it up big. You are required to dress to theme no matter what. If your camp is near the Wasteland city, you have to theme it, or least cover your modern amenities IE your clean cars or tents haha. I give it up to the camps that are inside the city. They really deck themselves out. WW prides itself on how themed the entire event is. They strictly prohibit cosplay and non-themed outfits. I will admit that it does help bring the whole event together even if it means more work for attendees. I distressed and modified a bunch of stuff from the thrift store and my own wardrobe including my Guardians of the Galaxy jacket I used in my Starlord inspired OOTD. LOL BYE PETER QUILL.

I've had this Nuka Cola girl poster in a "I'll frame this one day" pile and duct taped it to the back of my jacket then did a wash of acrylic paint over the whole thing. The shoulder pad is made of a hardware store kneepad, fringe from a thrifted shirt, Halloween store netting, and more duct tape. Necklace was bright silver which I spray painted and added more charms and "trash" to. The mesh top was bright white but again, spray paint does wonders. Thanks to my girl Chrissy Lynn for doing my hair at the Wasteland salon (yes, that is a thing.)

A massive thank you to Tribe Neverwas who took J and I under their wing. So happy to call them our Tribe! Though cosplay is prohibited, there is an entire camp/tribe dedicated to Fallout. BUT, because the entire game does take place in a post apocalyptic setting, it works. Even still, those dressed in Vault dweller jumpsuits were dirtied up so they looked the part. Massive kudos to the Fallout camp, so impressed with their entire setup and how kind everyone was.

Speaking of Fallout, USAopoloy was nice enough to give me copies of Fallout Checkers to share with my fellow Wasteland dwellers. This super cute checkers set includes bottle caps from Nuka Cola and Quantum on a themed checker board. One lucky winner of our tribe's scavenger hunt received a copy and the Fallout camp (shoutout!) received one for being gracious enough to let me snap these photos.

Want to win your own set of Nuka Cola Checkers? You get one entry for visiting USAopoly or Geeky Glamorous on Facebook and you get two entries for following USAopoly or Geeky Glamorous on Twitter. The more tasks you complete, the better your chances! Use the widget below to enter. US residents only, sorry International bbs.
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Overall, I highly recommend Wasteland Weekend if you're into dressing up, camping, partying all night, and don't mind not showering for a few days, haha. Souvenirs include a sore throat that just won't quit, a rash from too much fake jewelry and sand in EVERYTHING. Despite that, I cannot wait to return to Valhalla next year. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!