Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cthulu inspired look ft. candles from Steamwolf Symphony

My lovely friend Candace from Steamwolf Symphony, in addition to making incredible horns and headpieces, has now expanded into a line of candles! Mythos Candles takes fantasy elements and mixes them with incredible scents for a perfect geeky candle. I was super jazzed when she approached me about trying a scent or two. Feeling festive, I went for the Cthulumas. Because really, what says the holidays like a giant tentacle monster?!

Candace also sent me an additional tea light candle to try out another scent. It's a black candle, it's Christmas, so naturally this one is named Krampus, haha. Which smells better than the name implies! The perfectly festive mix includes mistletoe and cinnamon chai.

It wouldn't be a GG blog post without an outfit post so to match my incredible smelling living room, I created a Cthulu themed ootd!

Top: Black Milk Clothing
Skirt: Off Brand (fast fashion shop)
Belt: Off Brand (fast fashion shop)
Shoes: Vintage
Necklace & Hairclip: Kreepsville

Make sure to give Steamwolf Symphony a like on Facebook and you can peruse the entire collection on their official site or Etsy!