Monday, September 12, 2016

Dark Lady Watch Over You, World of Warcraft OOTD

Anyone playing World of Warcraft's new expac, Legion? I am having so much fun! I made it to level 110 this weekend (whoohoo!) and have been aggresively diving into the Suramar quests to pick up artifact points and mana. Despite not actually leveling up this way and just earning reputation points, the environment and story arc is so rad I've completely let that thought slide.

To celebrate Legion, this new Sylvanas t-shirt from Loot Wear's "Anti-Hero" theme has been getting a lot of wear lately. I even got a matching one for my hubby! We get so many compliments. There is not enough merchandise of the badass Azeroth babes. Check out my most recent outfit of the day featuring the tee below!

Tee: Loot Wear
Skirt (it's actually a skater dress): Black Milk Clothing
Boots: Hot Topic
Tights: Some cheapy shop near my house (just take a scissors to any black tights, really)
Ring: Love and Madness

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