Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wastleland Chic, Fallout 4 Inspired OOTD

If there was one gaming franchise that swept these past few months by storm, it's Fallout 4. I've been amassing quite the collection of Fallout apparel from work, figured I'd just go full Fallout with this outfit. Pin-up hair? Check. Vault 111 hoodie? Check. Vault Boy Socks? Check. Bottle Cap Earrings? Check. Nuka Cola girl tee? Check. Where's a German Shepard when I need one?

Hoodie: Loot Crate's Fallout 4 Crate
T-Shirt: Loot Crate's PAX Prime '15 Crate
Skirt: Yandy
Socks: Loot Crate's Level Up
Bottle Cap Earrings: A gift from my friend Kim