Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Medieval Inspired OOTD, Warrior Maiden Dress from

I feel like Halloween costumes get a really bad rap. Yes, quite a few are fairly crappily made with really low budget materials and finishing but there are some diamonds in the roughs that I've actually incorporated into every day wear and worn more than once. I'm always super bummed with those super itchy polyester costumes with the tied open back, ug. The below Warrior Maiden costume from 3Wishes (Sexy Lingerie so maybe NSFW) is not one of these shoddy costumes.

The complete costume set included a dress with zippered back (no velcro, yay!), faux leather harness with actual buckles, an elastic braided headband, and a pair of faux leather bracers (not pictured here). I ordered a size medium. I feel the dress' length was a bit short, however I am 5'8" and was wearing heels so the length overall wasn't too bad. I can definitely see myself incorporating the harness and bracers into other looks. This costume is pretty versatile. The shape of the dress could go Grecian/Roman pretty easily with some accessory swaps and even be a pretty dress for an evening out dressed up with some jewelry. Determined to get a backless dress to work for below 60 weather, I paired it with a super cozy knit sweater, some thigh high sweater socks, and boots. Is Rustic Medieval a thing? Can we make a thing?

Pair this outfit with a Dragon Age moleskin to really feel like an RPG character, hehe. I added a vintage pin to the harness to dress it up a bit. Thankfully the headband was fairly stretchy to fit my giant noggin'.

Dress: 3Wishes
Sweater: Ross
Socks: Target
Harness: 3Wishes

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