Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blade Runner inspired look with leggings from Bombsheller

Let me preface by saying I am so sorry for the long hiatus on blog posts friends! I've been bogged down with work and other obligations but not to fret, Geeky Glamorous will be returning gung-ho very soon! In the meantime, I am very excited to post about these AMAZING new leggings I received from the lovelies over at Bombsheller! Bookmark it babes, this is one spandex company you'll want on your tight pants radar.

Have you ever wanted to create your own design to feature on leggings? Bombsheller has got you covered! You can submit your own design and after some approvals (making sure the art is the correct size and adapting it for printing) you can see your design on leggings for sale! All Bombsheller leggings start at $69 and you set your own royalty on top of that, so there's no stolen artwork here, artists are credited and PAID for their designs.

The possibilities here are endless and the current design offerings on Bombsheller are astounding. It was -really- difficult for me to pick just one pair. Here's how my leggings arrived,

The logo, washing instructions and size are all printed onto the garment. What this means? NO ITCHY TAGS, AW YISS. The package included a washing instructions card and my invoice.

What I was most impressed with? The artist and designer are both credited and printed into the fabric as well the design's official hashtag.

The sci-fi nerd in me just had to go with the Future Cities leggings with artwork by Diliff and design by Mandroid. If you couldn't already tell, these are inspired by Blade Runner and feature a gritty, futuristic Los Angeles cityscape.

The fabric quality is super fab, really pulls you in without feeling constricting. These are high-quality leggings I assure you, no snags or pilling! I am wearing a size medium for reference and am 5'8". I typically wear a size 7/8 pant.

Want to get your own pair? Visit the Bombsheller shop and make sure to give them some Instagram and Facebook love!

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Good on your first Bombsheller order!