Thursday, May 1, 2014

Myth Masque TICKET GIVEAWAY: high fantasy, masquerade ball in Los Angeles May 24th!

I am so thrilled that I will finally, after two years of missing it, be able to attend Myth Masque. If you aren't familiar, Myth Masque is a high-fantasy, masquerade ball that happens each year in Los Angeles. This year's event will occur on May 24th at the Los Angeles Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. This is not dressing up in a cosplay costume and attending a convention (though you know I love those too). This is a fully immersive event with live entertainment, themed rooms, specialty fantasy-wear themed vendors, and of course spectacular costumes. Fact is, you HAVE to dress up to even attend! If that wasn't enough, LAST YEAR THEY HAD A WOLF THERE THAT YOU COULD PET. I DIE.

"This is MYTH: an exquisite, transformational Experience that fires the imagination and elevates the senses... High Fashion meets High Fantasy. A decadent Faerie Tale Ball. Music, artistry and performance forge an elegant dreamscape of enchanted revelry where legend and inspiration come to play. In the spirit of MYTH Masque, dismiss your mortal skin in favor of a truer form... The boundaries of reality are laughably defied as we become the impossible, through expression and costuming of the highest creative calibre. For one spectacular night, the chimerical energy we invoke is no fiction..."

Tickets for the event are available for purchase here. There are multiple types of tickets available at different price levels but check out what the VIP ticket includes,
"VIP Passport holders are escorted to the 'purple carpet' by Unicorn-drawn carriage, and formally heralded upon arrival in true regal fashion. The VIP Reception also includes early evening entertainment, complimentary drinks from our Sponsors, a special champagne service by live Mermaids, Absinthe proffered by our own Fée Verte, as well as gourmet cupcakes and other enticing bites. Our most esteemed guests will enjoy exclusive access to secluded VIP Lounges on each level of the Theatre." LIVE MERMAIDS YOU GUYS. DONE. GET ON THAT VIP CARRIAGE, STAT.

If you're looking for outfit inspiration I highly recommend you visit the Myth Masque Facebook. They have a fantastic collection of photos from previous events and images to invoke some inspiration. As for my costume, I will be re-purposing my wedding gown into a winter wolf themed outfit. So excited!

I am thrilled and grateful that Myth Masque teamed with Geeky Glamorous to giveaway a pair of FREE passes to Myth Masque via a Facebook giveaway! Head on over the Geeky Glamorous Facebook and follow the rules on the highlighted giveaway post. You must be 18 or older to attend.

Will you, or have you ever attended Myth Masque? Share your experiences in the comments!