Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Big Fat Geek Wedding - Food and Lembas Bread Favor Tutorial

I believe that the food you serve at a wedding is integral to the overall theme. Can you imagine if we served sushi or snow cones at our big day? Love both of those things but not for a medieval affair. We took most of our food inspiration from the ren faire. Turkey legs were a given in addition to honey mead and earthy veggies. I was also adamant about guests drinking from goblets and tankards. Though I am not a fan of pie we also included some fruit pies because that seemed very "Hobbit-Like" and because other people like pie (fruit should never be warm imo, blech).

Our menus were etched into pieces of wood, rustic no?

The King and Queen's (hey, that's me!) place settings were on mosaic chargers with blue napkins.

One of my favorite things served was the health and mana potion sangria. I think the significance of the colors probably flew over most guests' heads but I know the hardcore RPG fans got it. ;)

We compromised and chose two flavors for the cake, my choice was almond and his was cookies n' cream. So, so yummy. I wish they had shown the footage of our cake tasting for the show, we had such a fun time tasting all the difference flavors such as pistacio, raspberry, and others. The cake visually was a combination of Bilbo's birthday cake from LOTR with the chest of dragon eggs Daenarys receives on her wedding day in GOT.

J and I got to keep the dragon eggs atop the cake. Also, Kristin (our wedding planner) told us the whole thing about saving the top of your wedding cake for your one year anniversary is really not the best idea. Who wants to eat year old cake that has been sitting in the freezer? It can't possible taste as good as the day of the wedding. J and I fully intend to order a mininature version of our cake for our one year.

Lembas Bread Wedding Favor Tutorial
Our party favors were pieces of lembas bread. If you didn't know, lembas was given to the hobbits by the elves of Rivendell. It's said to fill the belly of a grown man with just a single bite.
This is by no means a recipe on how to make lembas bread. If you're baking inclined, I highly recommend checking out this video tutorial. I WANTED to make the actual bread but once I sat down to actually create this, the daunting challenge of baking, cutting, and assembling 80+ favors sounded like more stress then I wanted to take on days before our wedding. So! I instead bought pre-made, pre-sliced loaf cake from my local grocery store. Below are the steps to create this super easy, but also geeky, favor.

-Green Paper (Found this textured paper at Michael's crafts)
-Raffia Ribbon
-Saran Wrap (to keep the bread fresh)
-Cake or Bread of some sort

Lembas is square in shape and typically two pieces are stacked atop each other. Gently cut an "X" shape in the middle of each. This tutorial is shown using tortillas but you should use a heaftier, richer bread. A shortbread or pound cake is likely a good option.
Step 1: Measure and cut your paper (if necessary) to fit your bread. The paper should comfortably fold over the bread on all four sides.
Step 2: Fold your paper over from the right and then from the left, covering the entire piece of bread.

Step 3: Fold up the bottom paper and then the top. After folding over your top piece, cut off the corners of the top flap to resemble a leaf.
Step 4: Tie raffia ribbon around it to keep it closed.

Done! This would be a great treat to create for the new Hobbit film. Next up is wedding fashion!