Monday, March 31, 2014

My Big Fat Geek Wedding - Decor & Venue

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who tuned into My Big Fat Geek Wedding. The response J and I have received from all you is amazing, we're so happy that so many of you liked the show and our special day! I know some of you international readers haven't been able to view the episode but not to worry I'm doing a play-by-play of all the aspects of the wedding here on the blog! Of course if we do end up finding a video available online I can assure you I'll be posting it here!

I'll be breaking down the wedding in multiple blog posts so if you don't see something you want specific details on, check back! Or, make sure you leave me a comment in this post so I can know to cover it. Thanks!

It is not easy to find a castle in Los Angeles. We just don't have old architecture. If there are castles they are usually accompanied by a miniature golf course and/or go-karts...hah. So when we stumbled across Lobo Castle, Julian and I were ecstatic. LOOK AT IT.

I really didn't have too many specifics regarding my vision for floral but I did know I wanted lots of greenery to mimic the forests of Rivendell. Also to portray that royal vibe, ala King's Landing, there were lots of royal hues such a deeps reds and blues. Tons of fresh fruit and vegetables also served as decoration and later were used as victims to the groomsmen's swords...aka sliced and diced.

The ceremony area was the most "elvish" themed area of the wedding. It really felt like a magical, ethereal location. The ceremony was shaded by a giant tree with chandeliers hanging and a gorgeous what I call "fairy circle" in the middle. Guests sat in pews encircling the ceremony space. I much preferred this over the stuffyness of a church.

I did not know about Julian's planned fight against Khal Drogo with the assistance of Legolas. Julian was indeed nervous about how I would react to our wedding ceremony being interrupted but I was so entertained and frankly a bit jealous. With the help of Brandon (no one recognized him as the Khal, haha) Julian and he put together this choreographed fight sequence. Bravo!

Story time! I was adamant about our guests not arriving dressed as licensed characters. The invite specifically stated please don't come dressed as Legolas etc. So when my guests saw Legolas sitting in the audience, a few of them wondered "Whoa, bro did you not read the invite?" HAHAHA.

I'll be touching on the reception space more in depth when I go over the food but I did want you guys to see the space in it's entirety. This is actually the driveaway of Lobo Castle. Unbelievable right? It looks like a castle courtyard. I was thrilled with how this turned out. One of my requirements was that guests sat at long, banquet style tables and not circular tables. Yay for no thrift store chairs either! I loved the benches and the fur throws were a nice touch. These came especially in handy once the sun went down. I actually have one of these on my bed currently, coziest wedding favor!

Custom flags with a crest representing us.

I wish J and I had more time to actually enjoy this space! This is where our guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres while J and I took our group photos. There was an actual well in the middle of this area that served as the banquet table for all the nibbles.

Our guest book were scrolls of paper tied with twine and collected in the chest you see in the picture. Whoever you are that wrote nothing but Disney song quotes had me laughing hysterically the following morning.

I don't know how the show pulled this off but they managed to get us an iron throne replica! Julian and I squeezed onto this together and greeted our guests as they exited the ceremony space. So rad!

Yes, that was a genuine reaction when "Sparkles" the dragon came out. Julian nor I had any idea about the appearance of the dragon. It was awesome and amazing! Thanks to my bb Daenaerys for hookin' a gurl up.

Hands down, aside from marrying Julian of course, this was my favorite aspect of the wedding. The falcon, Bb. I legit almost started crying when I got to meet her. Just something about how majestic and magical birds of prey are. Leading up to being selected for My Big Fat Geek Wedding, the crew asked us what our top picks or essentials were for our special day. A falcon ring bearer was my number one want and they made it happen! *glee*

Food, party favors (with tutorial!), and cake is up next! Are there specific details you want the low-down on? Make sure you leave your questions in the comments!