Monday, March 24, 2014

Monster High - "Frights Camera Action" Premiere Event

What a freaky, fun event! Thanks to my amazing ghoulfriend, Bebe for inviting me to attend the premiere of Monster High's new movie "Frights Camera Action" with her! Also accompanied by Nil and Die our group of gals dressed as characters from the film. I literally scrounged together my costume in one day. Work and other obligations prevented me from not being a giant procrastinator, hooo! For those of you that don't know I am a huge Monster High fan. I have no self control once I enter a Target or Toys-R-Us. Seriously, these are the cutest and most thoughtfully designed dolls I have ever had the pleasure of collecting. Kudos to their team.

I decided to dress as new Monster High ghoul, Viperine Gorgon. I immediately fell in love with her design prior to the film being released. It made her appearance on screen that more exciting because it was such a surprise! Turns out she's from Barcelgroana and has an adorable Spanish accent!

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find mini plastic snakes in this town when it's not Halloween! I went to six different craft and 99cent stores trying to find some, and only ended up with around 20 and it still wasn't enough! I definitely intend to remake this with proper snake quantities, hahaha. Thanks to Bebe for letting me borrow her MH makeup case. Viperine is a make-up artist so I thought it was befitting to use this as my purse.

The adorable, and fashionable ghoul in the middle is Monster High community icon, Emma aka KittiesMama who has a super popular Monster High makeup YouTube channel. I need her dress in my life!

Swiped some instagram snaps from my fellow ghouls Bebe, Nil, and Die.

And lastly a super cute gif provided by the photobooth at the event, how fun!

Thanks to the amazing team at Monster High/Mattel! I know the ghouls and I can't wait for the next event!