Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Forever 21's Bats and Cats Collection in collab with D*C Comics!

HOLY CUTE CLOTHING BATMAN. Forever 21 recently released an official collaboration line with D*C Comics entitled "Bats and Cats"! Perfectly coinciding with Halloween, the collection offers up skirts, sweaters, accessories, pajamas, leggings and more featuring official imagery as well as inspired prints. I took a trip my local Forever 21 over the weekend to check it out! I advise calling ahead to your local shops as not all stores carry all the goods, some carry only a select few items. Do keep in mind the collection is also available online if you can't make it to your local boutique.

Some of my favorite items from the collection:
Leopard Hat | Ear Cuff (Bought both of these!)

Shredded Sweater | BAT Sweats

And some derpy dressing room shots:

A few minor complaints is that the collection isn't obvious enough. I mean, I like to wear my geek on my sleeve! I get it though, this way the collection appeals to a broader audience especially so close to Halloween. The leggings and grey skirt seen above are made of stretchy cotton and is not at all forgiving. I much prefer the poly spandex originals from Lazy Oaf *cough*. That being said, this collection does have a lot to offer and I think the hats and outerwear are amazing. Get decked out in your Gotham best, lovelies!

Have you purchased items from the collection? If so, share in the comments!