Friday, September 20, 2013

Bozusoku Sailor Scouts - Sailor Moon Inspired Cosplay/Photoshoot

I was so excited to be a part of this photo shoot! After seeing the amazing artwork by artist, Babs Tarr, a group of us got together to make the outfits a reality.

The photographs were taken by the amazing Greg De Stefano, thank you Greg! We took a few creative liberties with the outfits, including customizing our own tattoos (get your own here!), bringing in prop weapons, and creating our gang flag. We spent a full day in downtown L.A. climbing over stuff, tripping over train tracks, and trying to look like bad asses. I think we accomplished that!

A few behind the scenes shots from my phone,

From left to right, myself, Jenny, Michelle, Ruby, and Yume. These ladies were such a pleasure to work with, I can't wait for future collabs!

Yume did an amazing job photoshopping these pics, I love this!

Check out more images from the shoot here!