Friday, June 7, 2013

Evangelion Project 02 Japan Offers Anime Collab. Goods from 20 Different Brands

April 24th marked the launch of the Shibuya Harajuku Eva Project 02. For those unfamiliar, the iconic anime series Evengelion has teamed up with 20 different Shibuya and Harajuku, Japan fashion brands who have produced special collaboration goods. In addition to specific brands, the event also hosts it's own Evangelion Store in Tokyo which you can tour here.

Brands participating include, Adidas, Atmos, Carolina Glaser, Elianegigi, Evangelion Store Tokyo, 417 By Edifice, galaxxxy, Gonoturn, Kinetics, Lee, Logos Gallery (Parco Shibuya), Mam Avantgarde, Override, Radio Eva, Revelations, The Kiss, Vanquish, and Xlarge.

Though not all shops offer overseas shipping, a proxy service can purchase the goods for you. Each site is different so inquire about their shipping methods on their information pages. You can use google translate for help. Some of these goods are also available for sale in the Evangelion Official Shop, which you MUST check out of you are an Eva fan. Heaven!

Let's take a look at some of the goods offered as part of the project!

Adidas Sneakers, $180.93

MAM Avante Garde Tights, $40.93

galaxxxy Tank Top, $80.77 Why so expensive?! I need this!

Lee Jeans Men's and Women's shorts, $107.68 I really love those green shorts actually!

Carolina Glaser for MEG Dresses, $143.58

Gonoturn Face Mask, $21.54 each

All prices are approximate and are based on the current Yen to Dollar conversion. I didn't get a chance to feature all the items, but check out the Evangelion Store webshop and Radio Eva for more items from the collab! I wish we had collaborations like this in the states more often.
Which anime would you like to see collaboration goods from?