Monday, April 22, 2013

Sci-Fi, Video Game Inspired Leggings from Jeffie

Whew, I need a breather from the stunningly beautiful that is Jeffie leggings. All their leggings have a cyber, sci-fi vibe to them which I can't get enough of! Recently they released their video game controller leggings. Thanks to the lovely Sami for introducing me to these and to Jeffie! They get bonus points for using Battlestar Galactica references and having some of the most bad-ass names I've ever seen on apparel. Now to decide which pair to buy!

Controller Armada in Lightness $75

Controller Warz in Darkness $75

Anoid Droid $75

Construct Green $75

Death Moon Rising $75

Mezzo $75

Space Nuke $75

Visit Jeffie's online shop for their full collection. You can also like them on facebook and follow them on instagram.