Monday, April 15, 2013

Retro Video Game Jewelry from Catrina's Toybox

Oh my goodness, Catrina's Toybox has some of the most precious jewelry I've ever seen. In addition to featuring a plethora of video game inspired jewlery, Catrina's Toybox has some amazing food themed jewelry including these goldfish snack cracker (my fave!) earrings. NEED! Below are just SOME of the retro video game gems they carry but make sure to visit their Etsy shop and indulge in the amazing collection of items!

Princess Peach Sprite Earrings $10.40 Legend of Zelda dust plug cartridge $15.60

NES Cartridge Cufflinks $25 Sega Genesis Cartridge Cufflinks $20.80 Both are customizable with the game of your choosing!

Umbrella Co. Cufflinks $20.80 STARS Earrings $10.40

Legend of Zelda Heart Pieces Friendship Necklace $17.20

Slime Earrings $10.40 Chrono Trigger Earrings $10.40

Golden Eye Cartridge Earrings $20.80 Kirby Earrings $10.40

Secret of Mana earrings (choose your character) $10.40 Death Star Cufflinks $20.80

Make sure to add Catrina's Toybox to your favorite Etsy sellers! Check out their full shop here. Also, don't forget to enter the Sailor Moon Hair Bobble Giveaway!