Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Geek Chic Fashion finds from Japanese Gyaru Brand, JSG

Man, JSG is killing me currently with all their cute items! JSG is a Japanese brand, similar to Galaxxxy, that features amazingly quirky, fun prints and designs. Below are the current geek chic items they carry but make sure to hit up their webshop because they have some fantastic "regular" apparel! You can also follow them on facebook. I have a giant girl crush on their short-hair blonde model (seen below). Such a cutie!

Galaxy Lum Tee

YES/NO Raglan Tee, I love that her dress is sequined!

Pop Pop Spiked Hoodie

Lum Tote

Lum Oversize Tee

Now is a fantastic time to purchase items from Japan as the Yen is currently equal to the dollar! This means your $1 is actually worth a $1 there. JSG currently has a ton of items on sale and at such reasonable prices. You will have to use a proxy service, JSG recommends Tenso but considering how affordable their items are, the fees would be well worth it IMO. I'm thinking of picking up a few things myself.