Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Geek Chic Accessories and Cosplay Gear from Fantastique Plastique

I adore Fantastique Plastique's sparkly, enchanting collection of geeky baubles and apparel! Sailor Moon fans, you will love this shop. Check out a sampling of some of the items Fantastique Plastique carries below.
Sailor Moon Odango Hair Bobbles $29.50

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars or Sailor Venus iPhone Case, can be customized to the iPhone version of your choosing. $34.50 each

Companion Cube Necklace, I love the vintage look of this! $24.50

Super Mario Star Cardigan $59.50

Princess Peach Necklace & Earring Set This is so cute!! $39.50

Make sure to visit their Etsy shop for the full collection!
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