Monday, January 14, 2013

Geek Chic Monday - Sweet Whatevers

And we're back! After a long hiatus over the holiday break, Geek Chic Monday is back! Today we admire some adorable, and cleverly packaged earrings from Sweet Whatevers.

All the earrings are $6.50 per pair and come packaged so cutely!

Mario or Luigi. I like the idea of buying both and wearing one Mario and one Luigi. Luigi doesn't get enough love. :(

Boo or Goomba

BMO or Jake

Super Mario Flight Feather or Nintendo Zapper

Sailor Moon, choose your senshi earrings!

Legend of Zelda potion bottles or Link

Hypo-allergenic posts can be provided upon request which is nice for those of us with sensitive ears, like me! Check out the full collection at Sweet Whatevers Etsy Shop!

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