Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Archie Comics MAC Cosmetics Collaboration Sneak Peeks!

I've been anxiously awaiting the Archie Comics line for MAC since hearing about it at San Diego Comic Con last summer. Recently a collection of teaser images showed up on my tumblr dash. I managed to find out some information from various instagram posts and some sleuthing on the Archie Fans Message Board. This line is due for release sometime in the Spring, if you know of any further info please share in the comments!

Please keep in mind all this information is second hand so it may not reflect the actual product and be the final imagery or text used. I am just reporting what I found.

Some of the official promo images

The Girl-Next-Door Blonde. The Betty Cooper line incorporates shades of pink, coral, peach and plum which reflect Cooper's bubbly and loveable personality.
Eyes: Black Swan (black with gold pearl) eyeliner, the Caramel Sundae eyeshadow palette and the Optimum Black opulash mascara.
Cheeks: Cream Soda Light neutral coral satin powder blush.
Face: Flatter Me Pearlmatte face powder.
Lips: Girl Next Door lipstick (vivid blue pink) and Stay Sweet lipgloss (light lavender pink).

The Vivacious, Spoiled, Rich Brunette. The Veronica line is sultrier and features darker make-up. Think plums, navy and black.
Face: Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte face powder.
Lips: Ronnie Red bright red lipstick and Strawberry Malt lipgloss.
Eyes: Petrol Blue pearlglide intense eyeliner, Bad, Bad, Black (saturated with intense black with extra volumisation) opulash mascara and Spoiled Rich eyeshadow palette.

Hello cute packaging!

I'm curious about that shimmery pink what I assume to be eyeshadow?

You can check out some additional pics at Sweet Electric Blog and Archie Fans.