Friday, December 14, 2012

Geeky Glamorous Holiday Gift Guide - In Space!

I'm really happy to see that galaxy print items have become a trend. I think nebulas and galaxy photos make such pretty clothes! The below items are space themed, enjoy galactic geeks!

Geeky Glamorous Holiday Gift Guide - In Space!

Glow in the Dark Solar System leggings $46.80 Full Moon necklace $14.45

Crimson Galaxy Skirt $148 Mystic Mountain Nebula Cowl Scarf $75

Solar System lollipops $17.50/set of 10 NASA logo pin $14.99

Astral Nebula or Fox Fur Nebula II iPhone cases $35 each

Astronaut Ring $25 NASA logo necklace $19

Galaxy Blue Leggings $75AUD or Galaxy Green Dress $99AUD (on my Christmas list!)

Remember to also visit my previous Geek Chic Monday on The Dopeler Effect which carries some lovely planet-themed accessories. Happy space travels!