Monday, November 26, 2012

Geeky Glamorous Holiday Gift Guide - Star Wars

Happy Cyber Monday friends! Remember to get those online orders in today to take advantage of some amazing deals. Geek Chic Monday will be put on hold for the month of December while it's temporarily replaced with the Geeky Glamorous Holiday Gift Guide. Hopefully this guide will assist you with gift ideas for those special geeks in your life!

Geeky Glamorous Holiday Gift Guide - Star Wars

Padme Nouveau Tee for ladies $25 or Plush Star Wars vehicles! Cuddle up with your favorite galactic transport. $9.99 each

Lightsaber Umbrella available in various sabers and logos. $39.99 each

X-Wing Pilot Hoodie $150 or Boba Fett School Jacket $180 from Marc Ecko (50% off site wide Cyber Monday!)

Death Star Heart Necklace $10 or Star Wars Ring Trio $12

Star Wars Trilogy Book Purse $47 or Poster Bag Black $42

Mini-fig LEGO keychains $4.99 each

Jabba's Palace LEGO Set $119.99

Rebel Alliance Headphones $19.99 or Darth Vader DJ Headphones $29.99

Get shopping nerfherders! If you have suggestions for other Star Wars themed gifts please leave them in the comments! :)