Thursday, November 8, 2012

Geeking Around Los Angeles: Frank & Son Collectible Show

Frank and Son Collectible Show is must go to place for anyone into vinyl toys, collectibles, action figures, comics, etc. Hidden in a office park in City of Industry, Frank and Son is open Wednesdays and Saturdays only. If you missed that Comic Con exclusive figure or need to complete your collection of Disney pins, this is the place to go. Think of it as a mini exhibitor's hall.

If you're thinking of heading to Round 1 (featured in a previous Geeking Around) hit up Frank and Son while you're in the area. It's just a quick 10 minute drive away.

Who: Frank & Son Collectible Show
Where: City of Industry, CA
What: "Convention Style" Vendor Warehouse open twice a week
Why: Excellent place to shop for and sell your unwanted figures, collectibles, video games, and more!

Below the jump are just a few of the things I spotted on my recent visit.

A few tips, don't be afraid to haggle or make a deal with the vendors. Most of them are pretty fair and flexible. Be aware of bootleg/knock-off merchandise. It does exist here, usually it's pretty obvious in the quality of the merchandise. Pretty sure those Pokemon bags I posted aren't legit.

Parking is free in the surrounding business park but it's packed on the weekend. Just be aware. Also, Frank and Son is inside a warehouse with NO air conditioning. I'd avoid going on really hot days.

Frank and Son can also be a great place to get rid of your unwanted figures, video games, and other collectibles. Talk to vendors and see what they buy, maybe you could even trade! Though it's not my cup of tea, there are also plenty of dealers here specializing in sports paraphernalia. Magic the Gathering tournaments are also held here on the weekends.

There are special guests here often so make sure to check their official site for autograph signings and meet n' greets!

Happy Shopping!