Friday, November 2, 2012

D*C Comics Pullip Dolls

For the past few years Jun Planning, releases a new D*C Comics Heroine doll at San Diego Comic Con. They sell out every year and it's no surprise why. These dolls are super cute and highly detailed with real fabric clothing, full hair, and gorgeous make-up.

Taeyang dolls are the male Pullips. I had to include this Batman because look how cute he is! Batman cute? Yes.

Some dolls come in different color variations that are only available at specific events. For example, Batgirl is available with red hair from San Diego Comic Con 2011 or blue-ish black hair from Wonder Festival Japan 2011. Even if you weren't able to make it to the release event, some of these dolls can still be purchased after the fact from various online retailers. Pullip Style has both Batgirl and Wonder Woman available for purchase. Make sure to also check the Jun Planning webshop.

I'll be eager to see what San Diego Comic Con 2013 has in store!