Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Geeking Around: Los Angeles. - Round 1

New segment time! The purpose of "Geeking Around *Insert City Here*" posts are to highlight and share various geeky locales to visit. These posts won't just be restricted to Los Angeles, I'd love to expose the geek culture in all different cities and/or countries!

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Who: Round 1
Where: City of Industry, CA
What: Japanese arcade chain
Why: Clean, well-lit, fun, something for everyone, free parking!

Round 1 is more than just an arcade, if video games aren't your thing there's plenty still to do! Choose from bowling, karaoke (in private rooms), darts, purikura machines, claw machines, billiards, and even ping pong!

Taiko Drum Master

Japanese Tekken Arcade cabinets with seating! Round 1 hosts video game tournaments here on occasion.

Round 1 is a Japanese chain and has an exellent selection of import games, authentic Japanese purikura machines (sticker pictures) and stocks their catcher machines with plush from both the states and Japan.

Link was available in the redemtion center. Half of the Round 1 arcade is dedicated to prize ticket machines which you can redeem for some awesome loot!

Another prize available in the redemtion center, Girl Gundam!

Giant redemption center Pokemon prizes

Initial D arcade! I used to love this game in high school, haha.

Their facility is super clean, well lit, and a pleasure to visit. It's located inside the Puente Hills Mall and has ample, free parking. This is a perfect gathering spot for birthdays, clubs, or just an outing with some friends!

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