Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Geek Girl Halloween Costumes Take 2!

It's getting closer to Halloween which means I bet many of you are making trips to the Halloween shops to pick out your persona for October 31st! I decided to highlight some more geek girl Halloween costumes this time from Yandy. Make sure to check out my picks from Party City.

Yandy has a HUGE selection of ladies costumes, definitely a large chunk of which are sexy, but there are many that are fun and tasteful too! Many of their listings offer videos of the models doing a quick walk in the costume so you can really get an idea of fit. Kudos to that!

Suckerpunch costumes, whaaat? I was pleasantly suprised at these. Only Babydoll and Sweet Pea were offered up though.

More Harley Quinn, this time her Arkham City version. That's femme Terminator on the right, those glasses better actually light up!

Prove that you work on a starship with one of these Star Trek dresses!

Darth Vader and Chewbacca, not gonna lie I love this Chewie outfit. Yandy used to carry the Slave Leia bikini, I was sad I couldn't find it this year. :(

Femme Link and Yoshi. I don't want to think about how many people will call you Zelda if you wear this. If you're wondering, yes Yandy does sell both the sword and shield as well, nice! Yoshi is adorable not gonna lie.

Angry Bird and Sonic. Sonic's gotta go fast.

That's it for Halloween posts, get shopping girls! Cut off dates for shipping are closing in. I think I'm going to keep things simple this year. It's funny, Halloween isn't such a big deal for me since I invest in costumes for cosplay purposes. Any other cosplayers feel the same?