Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PAX2012 - Geeky Glamorous 'Best Of'

Ok dudes, here's the deal. I took a ton of photos at PAX and there are far too many to post 'em all here so I decided to mix things up a bit. Instead of a typical event report, I'm going to host the first Geeky Glamorous best of PAX Awards. This is going to be totally silly but I think it's the best way to highlight my favorite things from PAX!

I had an absolutely amazing time at PAX. If you are a gamer I highly recommended attending. Seriously, the energy and community of the attendees is astonishing. I didn't want it to end!

So let's get started!

Best Free Lunch
Assassin's Creed 3/Ubisoft served up free BBQ and drinks to those lucky enough to know about it Friday! It was super delish. I couldn't shut up all weekend about how amped I was about getting free lunch, lol. The hibiscus nectar (tea) was so yummy!

Best Way to Kill Time in Line
Swag Bags sponsored by Magic the Gathering included a coloring book and crayons with the most amazing names ever. They even hosted a coloring contest at their booth. I'M AN ADULT!

Best Party Game

You'd think I'd include a video game here wouldn't you? NOPE! Cards Against Humanity takes this award for providing me the most laughs of any game ever. This game sold out at PAX and even sold out on their official website. If you're familiar with Apples to Apples this is the same premise but way more "Adult" and hilarious. A black card is read aloud and all players need to fill in the blanks with their own white card(s). I'll let this photo speak for itself, BWAHAHAH.

Best Swag

We received quite a bit of SWAG (freebies) at the convention but my award goes to the Oswald the rabbit hat from Epic Mickey 2's booth. We waited in line for about two hours but it was worth it IMO.

Best (Grossest?) Show Floor Snack
Want to look like a flesh-eating zombie? You could head over to The Walking Dead's booth for a human hand with chicken drumstick attached to it...I was both amused and disgusted.

Best Moment at Starbucks
We spent every morning getting our morning java on at the HUNDREDS of Starbucks in Seattle. This was my favorite shot. Ken and Ryu can't resist the call to caffeine either.

Best Glamorously Geeky Girl
My favorite Geek Chic outfit from the weekend goes to this cutie! I adored her 8bit glasses and tights. She looked fab!

Best Gaming Peripheral
The Epic Mickey 2 Wii Nunchuck is magical! Typically if a game is offered on multiple systems, the Wii is my last choice because I find the motion tech. too "gimmicky" but I would seriously reconsider that to utilize the paintbrush nunchuck, it's too cute!

Best Booth Set-Up
There were a lot of pretty spectacular/glitzy booths at the show but my favorite goes to the MMO, RaiderZ. I didn't actually get to play, but I can appreciate a creative set-up. PC gaming stations were set-up in a "tavern" with RaiderZ branded tankards hanging above them. Their booth also included a bad ass bone dragon for photo-ops.

Best Cosplay
My favorite cosplay of the convention goes to this gorgeous Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. The entire look is so polished and spot-on, I was super impressed.

Congrats to the winners, haha! I really hope I can make it out to Seattle again for PAX2013. I had such a blast. Thanks to all the amazing folks who let me snap their pictures. Be sure to check out all the photos I snapped in...