Monday, September 10, 2012

Geek Chic Monday - Sanshee

I know I'm late on my PAX reports but I assure you it's not me being lazy. I'm going on day 6 of working in a row and the amount of pictures I have to edit is INSANE. x_X I did want to highlight a couple of the brands that I discovered at PAX.

Sanshee was one of few booths with items for sale at PAX and they did not disappoint! They carry an extensive collection of video game/geek inspired, t-shirts, posters, pins, and some really lovely jewelry. Their booth was crowded all weekend and it's no question why, their stuff is amazing!

Here is just a small sampling of the items they have up for sale.

The Deku Tree (genius!) & Prepared for Trouble $19.99 each

Fire Ferrets & The Imperial Walker $19.99 each

Royal Star Necklace & Royal Mushroom Earrings $15.99 each

Hey Listen Earrings (So cute!) & Courage Necklace $15.99 each

Game Love Necklace $15.99 This would look really cute with the Geeky Glamorous Controller Necklace in Pink. ;)

Pokemon Gym Badges GEN1 Set $24.99

Heart Container Pins $9.99

The items look fabulous in person, I was so tempted to get both the Game Love Necklace and Hey Listen Earrings but I had to be careful about my spending in Seattle. u__u Maybe for Christmas! Shop all Sanshee products here.

Which item would you love to wear? Please share in the comments!

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