Monday, September 17, 2012

Geek Chic Monday - Nerd OUTlet

Nerd OUTlet is a one woman operation handled by Leah out of Tennessee. I was intially struck by her avatar on Etsy, Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. OBSSESS OVER ALL THE BIOWARE THINGS. Turns out she runs an amazing shop! I was overwhelmed by the quantity and uniqueness of her items. Nerd OUTlet is a treasure trove of awesome geek accessories.

Heart Container Necklace

Legend of Zelda Lon Lon Milk Necklace

Glow in the Dark Navi Charm Necklace

Tetris Tetrimino Charms

Resident Evil Virus Bracelet

Resident Evil/Umbrella Corp. Custom Color Necklace

Minature NES Cartridge Necklace

Glow in the Dark Mario Star Necklace

and my personal fave, the Final Fantasy Phoenix Down Necklace with charm. According to Leah, "No Phoenixes were injured, all feathers were naturally shed and found in the wild." Good to know! ;)

Share your favorites in the comments and make sure to visit Nerd OUTlet accessories!

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