Friday, August 24, 2012

Event Reminders/Out of town for PAX

Happy Friday everyone! For So. California locals, as a reminder I will be at TWO events tomorrow, Saturday August 25th.

First off, I will be vending at SUPER*MARKET presented by Bubble Punch at Meltdown Comics from 2pm-6pm. I will have Geeky Glamorous logo necklaces, gently used clothing and accessories, and some hand-made geekery for sale. I will accept cash or credit cards as payment (cash highly preferred).

Secondly, I will be a cosplay contest judge at the Vocaloid Party at Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo! Anime Jungle recently moved to a larger, very impressive new space and they are celebrating with a Vocaloid music party! They also have a new space for Purikura (sticky pictures)! I will be dressed as Sandplay - Miku. Please say hello if you see me!

Lastly, I am going to out of town beginning Thursday Aug. 30th for PAX/Penny Arcade Expo! I AM SO EXCITED OH MY GERD. Don't fret though, I still have Geek Chic Monday posts ready to go and my tumblr has some posts queued up while I'm away! I will also be instagraming (@geekyglamorous) and tweeting at PAX so please follow me!

PAX Schedule:
Arrival and Board Game Night at the Sheraton
10am Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'? Panel
8pm Game Show Night! Family Fued Gamer Style
6pm BioWare Base meet up as Liara from Mass Effect! (been working on this costume for a while now, hope it turns out ok u____u;;;)
4:30pm Geeking for Fun and Profit Panel
Explore Seattle!
Departure :(

If you see me and say the code word "Geeky Glamorous" you will receive a free gift! Don't be shy, I love meeting my readers. <3 Whew, ok that was a lot of text, sorry dudes. Have a wonderful week everyone!