Saturday, July 21, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Report

I always forget what an adventure Comic Con is! I live about 2.5 hours from San Diego so I got up early (after not getting a lick of sleep due to excitement) and trekked down to Nerd Mecca.

My crew and I parked at Qualcomm Stadium which I recommend if you are driving down for the day. It's free to park at the stadium and the trolley is conveniently located which is just a 30 minute ride to the convention center. It was only $5 for a round trip ticket. This is a much better alternative then trying to find parking near the convention center which is upwards of $25.

Anywho! Onto the fun stuff! I dressed up as Rule 63 or female Mega Man! I was part of a group of ladies all dressed up as a male characters but with a female twist. We had Kid from Bastion, the Psycho from Borderlands, Altair from Assassin's Creed, Louis from Left 4 Dead, Drake from Uncharted, and me!

My helmet is a old scooter helmet. I used foam gardening mats to make the strip down the top. Lots of sanding and painting later I got the finished product. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It's not perfect but it was first time making something like this so it was a great learning experience. My "E" tank is a water bottle I covered in foam and acrylic.

After breaking off from the cosplay group I took a walk through the exhibit hall and did my best to snap as many photos as I could. Of course half way through I realized I forgot to put my memory card in my camera. AUGGGGGGGG. Thankfully I had my phone.

Mass Effect Figures at the Square-Enix booth

I wasn't even close to obtaining a Derpy Hooves pony. They sold out before I even got there. :|

Around 3:45pm I started lining up for the Mass Effect Panel at 5. I'm so glad I did! I ended up getting into the Capcom panel right before! How ironic. (Mega Man is from Capcom).

The Mass Effect panel mostly covered the Extended Cut DLC and was hosted by developers who worked on it. It was definitely interesting! The voice actors for Ashley, Kaidan, and Jack also made an appearance.

After the Mass Effect Panel was the Geek Girl Trendsetter Panel hosted by Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe. On the panel we had from left to right; Star Wars crafting queen, Bonnie Burton, actress Claire Grant, designer Tarina Tarantino, actress Jamie King, Social Media Mgr. for Hot Topic Courtney Lear and Senior buyer for Hot Topic, Ed Labay.

The panel briefly discussed how to incorporate geekery into your daily wardrobe and 24 models strutted their stuff in their own geek inspired outfits. Below are four of my favorites. To view more looks from the show please check out my Facebook Gallery.

This lovely lady in her Millenium Falcon dress took home first prize, well deserved! You may have seen her last year in the Death Star dress.

I really loved Victoria's outfit. I don't know much about Dr. Who but there is apparently an episode about Van Gogh's art? Victoria had Starry Night on her legs, made a artist's pallet purse and wore a sunflower in her hair.

I am still such a huge fan of Doll Delight's Spider-Man dresses. Hopefully I can purchase one some day.

Look at this gorgeous piranha plant dress! I thought this was so chic! She even had a Mario hair clip and chain chomp earrings.

The winners of the contest who received lots of awesome goodies from Her Universe and Hot Topic!

A big thank you to everyone who found me and said "Geeky Glamorous" for a free button! I'll be doing the same at PAX so please make sure to come say hi! :) Please make sure you visit the Geeky Glamorous Facebook page for more SDCC photos!

and I leave you with Deadpool vs. SDCC2012. I may make a cameo at 1:44 >.>