Friday, June 8, 2012

Geeky Glamorous Exhibiting at Anime Expo 2012 via The Brands Boutique!

I am so excited to announce that Geeky Glamorous logo necklaces will be available for sale at Anime Expo 2012! You will be able to find them at The Brands Boutique booth! The Brands Boutique booth Anime Expo pop-up shop will feature various products inspired by kawaii culture, anime, and manga.

Here's what their booth is offering up for the four days of expo,
- Daily giveaways
- A chance to be in their "Anime Expo 2012" wrap up video
- Free PHOTO BOOTH portraits of Cosplay participants: Get Your Photo in their AX Cosplay E-book!
- Free DIY workshops + crafts during the 4 day event
- The printed Designer Directory, which includes cool blurbs and bios from their L.A. designers
- Free Exclusive limited edition runs of AX 2012 poster and stickers for the event featuring artwork by Funkey Monkey!

Not to mention tons of cute things to shop for!

I WILL be at Anime Expo but since I'm part of staff I'll be running around like crazy during the four days of expo. I'd really appreciate you guys stopping by The Brands Boutique and checking out my merchandise and other local, indie designers items. They will be located at booth #339 and #341

You can read more about the booth and it's designers, here. Make sure to also R.S.V.P. on the facebook event page!

If you don't have an Anime Expo badge already, hop to it! AX is always an awesome place to admire cosplayers, shop, and check out the latest in Japanese pop culture stuff! Remember, AX also offers an exhibit hall only pass which is a fraction of the cost of a regular badge if you're just interested in shopping.

Hope to run into some of you there!

Also, have you entered my necklace giveaway yet? ;)