Monday, June 25, 2012

Geek Chic Monday - Old Navy

It's not often that I shop at Old Navy, but I was killing some time before dinner the other evening and was pleasantly surprised to find so many things! Most of these items came from the Children's section but hey, why pay for an adult t-shirt when you can rock a kid's XL for a fraction of the price?

Old Navy runs their licensed tees under the name "collectabilitees". Just look for this signage when you enter the shop. If you're shopping online they can be found under "Graphic Tees".

I only found two comic book shirts in the Women's dpt.; this Avengers Tee and this Wonder Woman tee which is great for 4th of July coming up! $16.94 each

Moving onto the Children's Section. I was pleasantly surprised to find geeky items in the Girl's section. Usually this is restricted to the Boy's dpt. For reference I wear a women's medium. In the girl's section I wear a XL. For boy's tees it ranges between L or XL.

I was thrilled to find this pastel, sparkly (!) Batman tee, hahah.

In love with this Spidey tee, love the simplicity. I hate when t-shirts are ruined by obnoxious text.

Captain Awesomeface

Spotted these two tees on the website, didn't see them in my local shop.
Check out the hair on Supergirl! DC Ladies or Batman $12.94 each

On my way out I spotted these metal lunch boxes for just $10!

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