Monday, May 7, 2012

My Little Pony Night Out

This past Saturday was the MY LITTLE PONY Night Out event on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. The event runs through the month of May so if you'll be in the area I highly recommend you check it out! They are hosting voice actor signings, a family day, and screenings. You can read all about it on their event page. I spent the opening night working so I didn't make it down to the gallery yet (there was a long, long wait!) but you can bet I'll make it down there before the month ends. For now please enjoy these pics I snapped at JapanLA opening night! You'll have to excuse the varying quality of these photos, my camera died half way through the evening and I had to use my phone.

I dressed as Twilight Sparkle! Yay for last minute outfits put together two days before the event!

Make-up snap that I should have taken before the event. I didn't remember until 11pm. It's a little smudgy, oh well.

We did have one pony on display at the shop from Spank! Japan. Isn't she a cutie?!

Cutie Rainbow Dash selling Yaya Han's pony costume accessories

I hope everypony had a great time at the event! It was wonderful seeing so many pony fans dressed up.