Friday, April 20, 2012


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of not only attending but also selling at Bubble Punch presents SUPER*MARKET at Meltdown Comics! The event gathered together Los Angeles geeky/cute designers and artisans, tunes spun by Tune in Tokyo, and a performance by Nylon Pink all under the roof of Sunset Blvd. geek hotspot, Meltdown Comics. The event was even live broadcasted on YouTube!

I decided to wear a hipster/civilian Ms. Marvel look.

I shared a table space with Jon of OGeeku who was selling his fantastic bitrom necklaces. Here's the one I came home with. Warhol inspired chocobos?! WARK!

Here was our table, my treasures were on the right. I'm working very hard to add more items to the Geeky Glamorous collection. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table to chat, admire, or buy! I appreciate each and every purchase so much!

You know it's a glamorously geeky event when you've got She-Ra and Black Canary costumes hanging from trees.

Fierce Ghoulia Yelps from Monster High and Black Widow.

Rorschach masks and geeky corsets from Castle Corsetry.

My lunch consisted of a Lil' Rae cakeball. I am ok with this. SO DELISH.

Captain America t-shirt and Retro Gamer leggings?! <3

Live pod-casting from Defective Geeks.

Look at these cuties rocking my necklaces, Wendy and Sarah.

Bubble Punch and Meltdown Comics are working to make this a seasonal event. I sure hope it pans out, I'd love to participate again!

Stay tuned, giveaway coming soon!


Sami said...

I want to buy everything from your table! XD

and my face did an irl ":D" when I spotted the Tetris leggings! I think I might wear mine tomorrow actually *strokes invisible beard*

lemontree_111 said...

So sad I couldn't make it but that necklace is amazing +3+

Christine Stene said...

awesome pictures :D

Geeky Glamorous said...

 Hopefully they'll put on another one. Jon's necklaces ARE amazing, he does custom art on them too!

Geeky Glamorous said...

 Thank you!

Geeky Glamorous said...


Lauren Yee said...

Thank you for sharing, Mandie! I couldn't make this event even though I wanted to attend badly! Your table looks super cute! :)

Geeky Glamorous said...

 Thanks Lauren! I miss you! I hope you had a wonderful time in Japan. :)