Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sincerely Maeko Order and Review

After seeing Sami Spoon's post about Sincerely Maeko's adorable Star Wars bows I had to get one for myself! Upon checking out her inventory, I also stumbled upon an amazing Marvel comics bow. I knew I needed this stat, so I placed an order! I specified in the notes that I would love if Spider-Man was prominent on my Marvel bow and the lovely Cat delivered! My package took a while to get here even though we're both in California but I realized I gave her the wrong zipcode! Derp. Anyhow, here's the envelope the bows came in, check out that cute tape!

Upon opening the package, more cute tape and adorably wrapped in tissue!


My bows, so cute! 

The Star Wars bow is a fleece material and super soft.  

Marvel comics bow with Spiderman ♥ 

Each bow comes with a sturdy alligator clip that is not glued in.  

I actually prefer this so you can wear the bow straight up like dis...

Or flatter to your head, like this:

Thank you for my bows Cat! I really love them. You can get your own bows here. Super affordable AND adorable.