Sunday, March 25, 2012

WonderCon 2012 Report

I wish I had more pictures to share from WonderCon but I forgot my camera on Saturday and I also forgot how difficult it is to remember to take pictures when in cosplay! J and I attended WonderCon both Saturday and Sunday at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The weather and having two additional events going on at the center did not make things easy. It was heavily raining on Saturday and the wind/cold on Sunday was ridiculous! It was my first time cosplaying during such crummy weather and it really put a damper (puns!) on our day.

I wore my Commander Shepard DLC dress from Mass Effect 2 on Saturday. Thanks Ciel for the pic! A friend of mine made the dress and I'm so grateful for her work but I think I'm going to remake it. I chose the fabric (black stretch vinyl) and I really don't think it's very flattering on me. I think I'll choose a softer, less stiff fabric my second go round. My N7 patch from the collector's edition made my purse look pretty legit, haha. I had curled my hair before we left but the rain was not having it. :(

I ran into Rana McAnear, the face of Samara in Mass Effect, who albeit being in a hurry let me grab a pic. She understood I was a fan ;) I found out the later the girl with her made the headpiece!

Not a whole lot of people recognized me but that's ok! I found out recently that only 18% of Mass Effect players play as female Shepard! That's a pretty alarming statistic, I thought for sure it would be higher than that, Jennifer Hale is a such a talented voice actress!

Sunday I remembered my camera and J and I cosplayed from Left 4 Dead. I was Zoey and he was a hunter. Now I realize my hair is not accurate but I really hate the way wigs look when you pull them up into a pony tail. I figured using my real hair was ok.

My bottle of gatorade boomer bile.

We managed to grab pics of a few things around the exhibit hall. The place was packed! I was not expecting such a large turnout but as one blogger mentioned this could be an alternative for all the folks who didn't get Comic Con badges. It was a fun con, it's too bad it will probably be back in Northern California next year.

Tekken figures at Kotobukiya.

Liara figure at Kotobukiya, I need this in my life. The female Shepard picture is concept art for a future figure, also needed my life. Shunya Yamashita is an amazing artist, his sexy ladies are the best sexy ladies. ♥

Sailor Moon backpacckksssss

Squall Leonhart dollfie

Luke's lightsaber hilt

Some dude's helmet

Borderlands cosplay!

Adorable D*C girls


My favorite comic artist, Humberto Ramos at his panel on Sunday. I spoke at bit about his work on my Comic Con 2011 post if you all are unfamiliar with his work.

They were awesome, so in character.

Storm and Wolverine

R2D2 ice cube trays at Kotobukiya, they also had Han in carbonite and others. These are silicone and would work great for resin crafts too!

Avengers Assemble!

My purchases, a Left 4 Dead health pack backpack from Glitch Gaming Apparel, a Mega Man sprite pin, and an orange lantern button. The lantern button is kind of a joke with J and I 'cause he says I want everything, lol. "...but it's cuuuuute!"

I also got this Batgirl t-shirt from Superhero Stuff's booth. Use coupon 15WONDER for 15% off through 5/31!

Commence Convention Season! So excited for this summer!