Monday, March 12, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Unboxing and Launch Party Pics *VIDEO*

March 5th GameStop and BioWare celebrated the release of Mass Effect 3 with a launch party at GameStop in Hollywood! For the past few months I've been trying to find a location that was doing special midnight activities for the launch and was surprised I wasn't having any luck. Thankfully, the week before BioWare announced that developers, plus surprise guests, would be in attendance at a few events across the U.S.!

Representing my favorite Turian.

Beginnings of the line, it got pretty epic closer to midnight.

Holly Conrad, THE Mass Effect costumer. She let me hold her omni-blade, oh my gah.

J and I waited in line for three hours waiting to get inside. Well, GameStop would only let those folks who pre-ordered at that specific location inside. This was disappointing. I wish this information had be relayed to us PRIOR to waiting in a massive line and rushing to get there after work. I found out later they eventually let non-pre orders in but hell it was already 11:15pm when we left and we were tired. u_u

Let me in!

I spotted Brandon Keener (voice of Garrus) heading to his car and asked him for a picture. NIGHT MADE. My derp/fangirly face is now Commander Shepard.

After we left the W. Hollywood GameStop we headed over to our local GS and picked up the collector's edition for both PS3 and PC. YEAAAHHHHH.

Unboxing video commence!

Pretty Boxes



Sami said...

I havent been to a midnight release for years now
I only ever worked at one (when I worked at a GameStation store)
and this homeless guy came in to the shop just to be warm lol, he was really nice though we made him a cup of tea

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

 That stinks that they didn't let you know ahead of time, but it's great that you got a photo with Brandon Keener at least! ^^

Geeky Glamorous said...

 Yah! Made it worth it :)

Geeky Glamorous said...

 :O You worked at a game store too? Nice! That was sweet of you~~

Sandra said...

I love your style. It is so cool! :)

Aleida said...

Awesome you went to the launch event of Mass Effect 3 --- I'm totally jealous of your cool Garrus shirt (also my favorite Turian) AND even got caught on camera with Brandon Keener. I've also picked up the ce, but for my PlayStation 3 :'( don't think my PC is able to play it with everything set to 'high / ultra'. Hope you enjoyed the game!

Geeky Glamorous said...

 Thank you!! ^^

Geeky Glamorous said...

 Thank you very much! I did enjoy the game very much. :) The shirt is still available on BioWare's store I think.

Beardy said...

I really enjoyed the writing for this piece.  I think it's be worth submitting to this contest

Geeky Glamorous said...

 Thanks for your comment! I will consider it. :)