Friday, February 10, 2012

My birthday at California Adventure

Man, J and I are so spoiled now. We haven't been to Disney for almost a month and we have major withdrawals! Unfortunately, we won't be renewing our annual passes come March so we're trying to fit in as much Disney as we can before then!

California Adventure has been undergoing a lot of renovations lately making room for Cars Land and the new entrance plaza so it's been difficult to maneuver around the park. We haven't spent much time here because of it. I've been itching to ride Tower of Terror lately so Sunday I got my chance!

J took me clothes shopping for my birthday so I wore some new items:

Top: Zizibeh
Shorts: Zizibeh
Tights: Rue 21
Bag: Chanel


St. Paddy's Day Duffy

Heimlich! For the record, despite it being targeted toward little kids I adore Heimlich's Chew Chew train. It smells like cookies people, cookies!

Oh, ok.

Mickey bread!

Mulan was wandering around the Pacific Wharf area. It was my first time seeing her there, what a pleasant surprise!

and I'm pretty impressed with J and I's Tower of Terror pic. Sometimes those tweets just can't wait.

And even though this is not at all related to this post, it's #FemShepFriday on Twitter so enjoy the Mass Effect 3 FemShep trailer:

Happy Friday!!