Monday, February 6, 2012

Nose piercing and The Phantom Menace Brisk Iced Tea

This has been years in the making. My family is pretty conservative and heavily against tattoos and piercings. It took them quite a while to even get used my unaturally red hair. However, I'm well into my twenties and I'm finally letting go of caring what my family or others think. Friday, Feb 3rd was my birthday and thought it was the perfect opportunity to go through with this.

I chose Freak Chic piercing parlor in West Hollywood. Firstly, they have glowing yelp reviews and secondly I can walk to them from my work, haha.

Pretty obsessed with my new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl markers. I LOVE TO COLOR, OK?

It actually hurt a lot less than I expected. My advice? Don't look too much into piercing before you do it. Everyone handles pain differently. No one can judge how painful it will be for you. All I can say is that process at Freak Chic was extremely easy and quick. Allen, my piercer was super accommodating and told me to stay away from the internet for any questions. I was given both his email and cell to call with any issues. I highly recommend them.

After getting pierced J and I headed downtown to a Brisk Iced Tea event to celebrate The Phantom Menace in 3D. There was Star Wars artwork on display, free drinks, games, and a couple cosplayers.

Free cans of iced tea in Artoo coolers!

And I leave you with the most horrifying Yoda I have ever seen.

Also, did you all notice my new layout?! I'm pretty excited about it. J made the Scott Pilgrim inspired sprite of me. I'll be adding more tweaks here and there but for now I'm pretty happy with it.