Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tune in Tokyo's Akihabara Winter Wonderland Report!

I am so excited to make this post! A little over a month ago I was asked to put together another fashion show this time for Tune in Tokyo and Cherry Jelly Productions' December event at Royal/T. The event featured awesome tunes, both live and by DJ, a cosplay fashion show, vendors, and video games. Thank you to everyone who attended, it was a great turn out!

Marie, myself, and Tricia.

You know you're part of an awesome event when Santa shows up! He even had a sack of toys he was giving to good girls and boys, haha! xD

Lots of adorable goodies were for sale at Kawaii Carnival's table! Thank you again Judy for my eyeball bow, love it!

Wanna play some vidya games?

With Ezio :3

Check out how packed it was for Apocalipstick's performance! Saucy Rocker Chicks ftw. Photo credit to TaTa.

Our C.C. model, Nhu getting her makeup done by our make-up sponsor, Rockeresque Beauty.

A huge thank you to Pure Delish for making the fashion show possible. Pure Delish provided the awesome Christmas themed outfits for the show. Accessories by me, yay for staying up late the night before to make sure everyone's props looked acceptable. I particularly loved Goku's ornament Dragon Ball. HAH!

Thank you models, you were fab! Thank you
Ben Chan for following photo. From left to right; Pikachu, Chopper, Asuka, Rei, C.C., Ranka, Goku, Madoka, Faye, and Sheryl.

Risa from Cherry Jelly Productions was our gorgeous Sheryl model. Marie was our adorable Ranka.

If you'd like to see more photos from the event I encourage you to visit the following image galleries. Thank you to all our photographers!

Cherry Jelly Productions
LA Weekly
Photography by TaTa

Keep tabs here for our February event!