Friday, September 2, 2011

Tune in Tokyo Back to School and some recents "gets"

Please forgive how haphazard this post is. I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while and am finally getting a spare moment to share.

Firstly, I attended Tune in Tokyo's Back to School event a few weeks back. I am always looking for an excuse to rock my Hogwarts gear so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. A few other Harry Potter fans joined me!

I loved this event, it was the first time there were vendors set up and there were so many cute items for sale. Hopefully I can sell at the next event!

After weeks of blockout dates my Disneyland pass is good again! I literally went back to the park the first day I could. I missed it so much, I can't believe how much has changed in just a couple months. California Adventure looks like a totally different park! I thoroughly enjoyed the new Star Tours! I will be the rebel spy one of these days...

I finally met Tinkerbell! No one ever wants to meet the characters with me. T__T

And Terrence! lol acorn hat <3

A Mickey ear hat, do you need one?

I find this cross-over ridiculously appropriate.

I finally got my Duffy Mickey ear hat!

Adorable Marie earrings

Last weekend, despite the disgusting 90ºF temperature I made it out to the Tokidoki sample sale. I waited three hours despite getting there right when it opened...was it worth it? Almost. I did get some great deals but nothing I couldn't live without. They were only letting 50 people in at a time and there weren't any handbags or jewelry which was pretty disappointing. It was their first time doing a sample sale however so here's hoping the next one has more offerings and is at a larger location.

I was really excited to finally get a Marvel x TD tee ($10), polka dot cat tee ($10), and my favorite item an Adios leopard print sweater ($20). Most everything for women was a size small but thankfully TD shirts are on the longer side so it worked out. Thank you Tango for walking right into my shot.

When I got home from work the other day J surprised me with the second and third books in the Mass Effect series. YAY for being a nerd girl and having an equally nerdy boyfriend!

Giveaway coming next week!!