Friday, July 29, 2011

Comic Con 2011 Sunday

You'll have to forgive how few pictures are contained in this post. I was only able to get a badge for Sunday at SDCC and was too excited/busy waiting in lines to do much picture taking.

J, myself, Ciel, and her bf got to San Diego around 9 a.m. Sunday morning and thankfully were able to find parking in a lot relatively close to the convention center. We paid $30 for 9 hours! The mall was charging a daily rate of $60...unbelievable.

A good time at Comic Con you will have.

Firstly, we picked up our badges which by far was the easiest, quickest badge pickup I have ever experienced. Thank you CC staff for accommodating your attendees with little to no wait time so we can spend more money in the dealer's hall, lol.

Zatanna and Starfire dolls at the Tonner booth.

AHHH GIVE ME THAT BATGIRL. Both of these were sold out T__T

That's ok I will have to get one of these Monster High dolls instead. I love this series so much, super funky and creative if you ask me.

We promptly entered the exhibit hall and did our best to collect as much swag as possible and check out lots of the exclusive figures from various companies. I was most excited to visit Humberto Ramos' table in at Artist Alley. Ramos has been my favorite comic book artist for some time now and I was so excited to pick up his new book, Fairyquest-Outlaws. I had purchased the art book for the series back in 2009 and was so excited to finally read the comic! It's a gorgeous, full color, 56 page story. Ramos was kind enough to sign the book for me as well.

Teaser trailer for the comic. It's a re-telling of many of the classic fairytales you likely grew up with.

The most exciting experience for me however was visiting the BioWare set-up at the Hilton hotel. Mass Effect 3, The Old Republic, and Dragon Age: Legacy DLC were all playable. We waited almost three hours to play ME3. >.< Everyone working the booth was super friendly though and gave us lots of goodies. I won the first Mass Effect book (YEAAAH!) for answering a trivia question, got some Old Republic temporary tats, N7 tats, a customized dog tag, a Normandy ship XBOX Live avatar accessory, and an awesome achievement medal after I finished the demo. Which for the record, was awesome. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MASS EFFECT 3. *__________*

Facebook fans were "liking" certain models for default female Shepard character and this model had the most votes. Not my first pick, I think she doesn't look rugged or old enough tbh.

Since most of our day was eaten up by waiting in line for ME3 we headed back to the exhibit hall to see what kind of comic deals could be had.

OMG Mass Effect replica gun, GIVE ME THIS. Also, can I borrow $500?

Most legit Naruto costume ever, lol.

Team Magma! These were seriously some of the only cosplayers I saw all day on Sunday.

Star Wars car!

Princess Leia's gown

This lamp needs to be in our living room, stat!

Crazy crowd at the Marvel booth.

I leave you with this amazing chalk drawing of the Legend of Zelda: OOT.

I'm finally seeing Captain America this weekend, yay! Have a great weekend everyone~~