Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anime Expo Part II w/ a splash of AM2

Sunday of 4th of July weekend Ciel and I headed out to the Anaheim Convention Center to sell at the Artist's Alley at AM2. All the convention events were contained to one hall which was convenient so we got to see most everything while seated at our table. However, one really irritating factor was having a performance stage right next to the AA. Neither Ciel nor myself could really communicate with our customers. It was hard to greet people and complete simple transactions without yelling. I was also pretty bummed that some of the exhibitors packed up early, Angelic Pretty I'm looking at you, so we weren't able to do much shopping. T___T

Our table, Ciel is dressed as Angry and I was Hangry of h.NAOTO but we're goobers and forgot to take pictures of ourselves.

I was really impressed with how personable the AM2 staff was. One staffer brought us snacks and water midway through the day (!) and another staff member gave us a credit card swiper we can plug into our phone. How convenient! Thanks to that staffer Ame Hoshi may accept credit cards as payment at future cons.

These two cuties bought our Minun and Plusle poke pals, how appropriate!

One of the judges for World Cosplay Summit, her wig is amaze.

Yay, gothic lolitas~~

Thanks to everyone who came by our table at AM2, we really appreciate your business! We've also started a customer gallery on our Facebook page so if you've purchased something from Ame Hoshi please link us to a pic or email me (link in sidebar).

Monday the 4th was spent making purchases from the Arist's Alley at Anime Expo, a BBQ at Ciel's place, and taking lots of cosplay photos...

Epic Mario group.

Ranka from Macross Frontier


Suika from Touhou Project, beautiful!


Can The Old Republic just come out already? UGGGGG, I wanna play!

Gorgeous costume, this person recognized me from last year's AX. <3

Ahhh nurse Miku, I love her giant syringe!

Jessy does amazing art, was sorry I ran out of money. ; ;

OMFG Ein and Eds

Utena group! A lot of older animes making a comeback cosplay wise, it's nice to see. ^^


Ranka and Sheryl from Macross Frontier

Epic Portal 2 cosplayers

HNNNGGG Dragon Age

lol that would be an interesting cross-over. FF7 x One Piece!

Auron from Final Fantasy X

With Judy and Claudia, such sweeties.

Here are the purchases I made at the Anime Expo AA. A plush ice cream pin from Kawaii Goods, Yoko and Azusa bookmarks from Nobody Studios, Lacus Clyne keychain, Matroyska Miku keychain, bracelet with pony charm from Dearie, and Mass Effect buttons.

From Twinkle Wish at AM2 I bought this adorable pom-pom keychain, omg I love it so much.

That's it for 2011 Anime Expo! Comic Con International next week! *O*