Friday, July 8, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 - Part I

Whew, I'm finally able to sit down and blog about 4th of July weekend. It was INSANE. Today was my first day off in almost two weeks! It was well worth it though, I had a fantastic time.

Saturday at Anime Expo I dressed up as Sandplay - Miku. You may remember last year I was Sandplay - Luka. My friends and I all swapped costumes or put together new ones so we could have a Sandplay group. I've always wanted to be Miku but chose Luka previously because she's the tallest Vocaloid. xD

Thank goodness for the Miku branded Toyota Corollas they had on exhibit. They made for an excellent meeting spot!

No desire to own a Corolla, until now. Excellent marketing is excellent.

I was lucky enough to be featured in one of FastMatt's videos. I show up at 1:13. :3 I really like his editing and song choice. The Portal cosplayer right before me is amazing!

After spending an exhausting day in our costumes it was time to change and go to the Miku concert A.K.A. Mikunopolis! Unfortunately it was assigned seating so I wasn't able to sit with Ciel and her b/f but that wasn't too bad of a deal, I was just excited to be there!

They had a short para para/dance opening gig and then Miku appeared. I have never been to such a loud concert in my life. I've been to my share of "teeny-bopper" concerts but HOLY CRAP the audience was loud. Lots of excited people! I highlighted the screen that Miku and the other Vocaloids are projected onto.

The concert was really amazing. Miku may be a 3d hologram but there was a real band including string orchestra, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Miku also had several costume changes and both the twins and Luka came out for a few numbers. ^^

Pictures were not allowed during the Vocaloid performance but there are some on youtube if you're interested. ^^ I also just found out they also sell a DVD of the Japanese concert!!

Ciel and I had to duck out of the concert early so we could get ready for the Vocaloid themed fashion show at Club Nokia! A little under two weeks before Anime Expo I was recruited, with help from Olivia, to put together a fashion show for Tune in Tokyo's event at Club Nokia. The event was scheduled to start after the Miku concert so I thought it was only appropriate to have the fashion show be Vocaloid inspired! The models' wardrobe was provided by the wonderful downtown store, QPop and featured pieces by Super Lovers, Sex Pot Revenge, Algonquins, and others. Thanks Ginger for letting me swipe some pics from you!

Making them clothes look gooood. Okanmuri, Tricia and Midori.

Pouty Miku~~

Marie and Ciel made the cutest twins *luuuuv*

Myself and Marie, frack I'm tall!

What up. My tights are totally on backwards. That's what I get for getting changed in the car, ahaha.

A big thank you to Qpop (wardrobe), the models, Michi (make-up), Olivia, and of course Tune in Tokyo for making this happen. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to plan another show again soon!

AM2 report and tons of cosplay photos coming soon!