Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fanime, I choose you!

There were so many Touko/Hilda cosplayers at Fanime, hory crap. I attempted to go to the Pokemon gathering but it was too intense. There were so many people crammed into too tiny a space. I still managed to get some great pics with fellow Pokenerds though.

Here's me!

Ciel made me a xtransceiver. I only agreed to wear it if Lyra's picture was on it. :3 (Ciel cosplayed as Lyra that day)

Ciel as Lyra and myself

For some reason Vegeta was at the Pokemon gathering. WAT.

Gym leaders, yay!

lol Diglett has a bucket and shovel. Genius.

Kanae and I took half shifts at the AA so we could spend some time roaming the con with our bfs. J and I got Chinese food to go and sat down at the con to people watch whilist eating. For the record, that is the best milk tea I have ever tasted. It was perfectly sweet. <3

omg Oshawott kigu = amazing

Giant perler sprite Link anyone?

Luna Lovegood gave me a copy of the Quibbler, no joke. She was adorable.

One of everything please

Ganondorf :O

Princess Zelda, I was super impressed with the quality of her accessories.

OMFG Garrus from Mass Effect, I like his casual outfit! Mandie STAMP OF APPROVAL.

Final Fantasy group

This guy's armor was crazy detailed! Impressive! No idea what series he's from, if any.

At the end of our day, amidst the pouring rain (!), I rain into battle subway cosplayers!

N and the male trainer were there too!

Lolita Panel and Fashion show up next!