Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fanime 2011 - Artist Alley report

I'm back from Fanime! Both Ciel and I kept super busy throughout the course of the con. We sold at the Artist's Alley all four days, cosplayed, and participated in the Lolita Fashion Show and Panel. I totally have post-con depression. u__u

This was our first time selling at an artist's alley and I'm so glad we did! Though travel expenses took a large chunk out of our wallets it was nice to recover some of it through AA. I'll be excited to see how successful we are at a local convention and perhaps at one with more of a lolita presence.

We arrived in San Jose Thursday afternoon after a super smooth drive from Los Angeles. We definitely had to play luggage Tetris to get all our stuff to fit in the car though. @_@;

First order of business was picking up our badges. The line for pre-registration pick-up was an atrocity. We got in line at 5:20 p.m. and got our badges at 8 p.m. For some reason they also never found J's so he had some dinky paper all weekend instead of the plastic card badge. ; ; The registration seemed super understaffed, there were 8 pick up lines and hundreds of people waiting.

At least with that many nerds in one place there are mad amounts of people to play Pokemon with! xD

Friday was the official start of the convention and we got to set up our AA table!

OMG this couple had matching Haro tattoos! They promptly bought our felt Haro-pals.

Ciel and I in our kigus after a long day of selling ^0^

I was pleased with how my eye make-up turned out~

Noticed this sign on our way out...

Saturday and Pokemon cosplay day up next!