Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fairytale themed So. Cal Lolita Picnic and Swap Meet

Saturday, July 18th myself and Oli hosted a lolita picnic/swap meet at Clark Regional Park in Buena Park, CA. It was quite the turn-out! For those of you that attended, thank you so much! Thank you everyone who brought food to share (what a massive buffet!), and of course a huge thank you to all our sponsors for their generous donations. I know the winners of all the games and raffles were very happy.

I was so busy running around the event that I didn't get a chance to take a single photo. What a terrible blogger. However, thanks to the excellent photography skills of Nelson from LAPhotonet I am able to put together this post. Please visit his site for the full gallery and higher-res photos.


Our theme for the event was fairytale/storybook. Since Oli told me she was dressing as a unicorn I thought I'd contrast her outfit and do something really dark. Here is my villainous outfit:

Hat & Coat: Ebay w/ handmade accents
Blouse: Creamdoll
Skirt: Bodyline
Bustle: Handmade
Shoes: T.U.K.
Tights: Leg Avenue
Jewelry: Offbrand, H&M

This outfit was done for a super low budget thanks to Ciel allowing me to borrow some of her clothes and piecing together darker items from my closet. It was fun to be darker for a day! :D

Oli in her amazing unicorn coordinate!

Ciel as Lil' Red Riding Hood, too cute!

I love the ridiculous Disney Princess pinata I picked out.

I can't believe how much stuff was for sale! 20 tables was not enough for everything, thankfully many attendees brought blankets to set up their stuff on.

Oli and I put together prize packs for best outfits. Best Protagonist went to Gretel, but unfortunately I do no have a pic. :( She had tons of candy in her hair and I assure you it was amazing.

Best Antagonist went to Cpt. Hook, Arrrrg.

and Most Creative went to Goldilocks and her three Gloomy Bears, epic!

After the picnic we celebrated Ciel's birthday at Downtown Disney. I had someone call me Cruella Devill. Ahaha, amazing. We enjoyed dinner at Catal, it was delicious! The patio seating was really nice and intimate. We even had a view of the fireworks during our meal.

Thank you again to everyone who came out, we had over 100 attendees. I am elated so many people came to the meet!

Please visit our sponsors pages:
Ame Hoshi
Kawaii Goods
Miss Angela Che
Imperfect Kawaii
Holly Tea Time
Pacific Media Expo
Gothic and Lolita Wigs
Kira Kira Designs
Pink Zombies

If you blogged about the event or know someone who did please leave a comment with the link, thanks!