Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anime Expo and AM2 this week!

Whew this week is going to be insane! I still can't believe both AX and AM2 fall on the same weekend but that's a story for another time. What am I here to blog about is many of the exciting activities I'll be attending in the next few days.

Firstly, I managed to get a ticket for the Vocaloid concert occurring at AX on Saturday! I had seen the show on youtube when it played in Japan and to see it here, live, in the states is a real treat. Myself, Ciel, and our friend Holly will all be cosplaying Vocaloid characters that day to celebrate.

Here's a clip of Miku performing "World is Mine" in Japan. Haters gonna hate on "CG Performers" but I for one am super excited to see this. Someone buy me a leek glowstick, stat.

After the concert is an after party at Club Nokia hosted by Anime Expo and Tune in Tokyo! There will be a Vocaloid themed fashion show with apparel being provided by QPop in Little Tokyo. Band Dig Jelly and singer Stephanie Yanez will be performing. I hope those of you with AX badges will join us!

Sunday will be AM2 day for Ciel and I. Thanks to the lovely Lauren of Dearie, we will be selling at their Artist's Alley! We'll have all the goodies we had from Fanime plus some new merchandise. I hope you will come visit us! We also now have a Facebook page for Ame Hoshi, please "like" us!

Ame Hoshi at AM2 Artist's Alley
Table #12
Sunday, July 3rd ONLY

I'll likely spend Monday the 4th shopping at AX and then stuff my face with delicious BBQ at Ciel's house in the evening. We spent the 4th there last year and had a fantastic time setting off fireworks and playing games.

Here's to a crazy week of multiple conventions. Have fun and be safe everyone!