Monday, May 16, 2011

Club Nintendo and revving for Fanime

I was so excited to receive a package from Nintendo last week! Initially, the Club Nintendo incentive program was only available in Japan but a couple years ago they brought it to the states! Basically, you earn coins for every Nintendo game or accessory you buy and you can spend those coins on special Nintendo products. I've been eying this particular item for a while now...

What could it be?

A DS game holder with Mario hat design! It comfortably holds about seven games. I love it! It goes well with my 1-up coin bank~

I've been pretty busy scrambling to get stuff done for Fanime including putting together accessories for my lolita panel outfit. I'm anxious about the panel, I hope guests leave it feeling informed and less intimidated. I know lolita fashion can be daunting to get into.

I'm putting together a strawberry/country themed coord. I found the boater hat at Ross (!) for $10 which I customized with strawberries I made from fleece and some daisies. The basket I found at Goodwill for $2.99 and painted red and made the front motif to match the hat.

Also for Fanime, specifically for our Artist's Alley table, I made this display unit. The frame started out black which I painted with pink and silver paint. I removed the glass and covered foam sheets with fabric and then stuck pins in it. This way we can hang our phone charms instead of laying them on the table. Super easy for under $15.

Lastly, when Emmi and I had lunch the other day she gifted me Hello Kitty Macaroni! This is a perfect portion for one person and comes with a sticker. It doesn't come with any cheese or other sauce but the noodles are adorable on their own.

Features Hello Kitty and flower shapes