Monday, May 9, 2011

Bunnies and Bows and catching up with friends

I have been a bad blogger, lately I have been forgetting to take photos at the events I've been attending. I assure you it's not me being lazy, I think I'm just getting distracted. ^^; I vow to change that though!

Last week I took some time out to enjoy an amazingly delicious lunch at Tender Greens with the lovely Miss Emmi. They specialize in salads, hence the name, and I indulged in their BBQ chicken salad and Emmi got the grilled steak salad. Both were delightful! They also have a tasty drink selection, Emmi opted for the mint lemonade and I had the hibiscus iced tea. For the record, I love hibiscus tea. Any place that serves it is a friend of mine, hah!

Nothing quite like Yogurtland on a 85ºF day. I'm currently addicted to their original tart flavor with strawberries and fruity pebbles. :3

I also got a chance to meet the lovely Sara Mari last week. She is so sweet! I wasn't able to meet-up with her + DIAMOND Circle until later in the day but it was still a pleasure to meet her. You'll have to forgive my lazy outfit and make-up, I had just come from a job interview. ; ;

Saturday, in celebration of Michelle's Bday, was the Chubby Bunny Bunnies and Bows party at JapanLA. What a turnout! Kudos to you Michelle! If I wasn't saving for Fanime I would have been all over those bows. You did an amazing job decorating and designing. My favorite art pieces from the show:

Yume Ninja

Aimee Major

Akira Ebihara

Chubby Bunny accessories for sale

This week marks the second to last week Kanae and I are making stuff for Fanime. I AM SO EXCITED! I feel like it was just recently she and I were driving down from San Jose saying we have to do Artist's Alley next year. It's a thrill to see this come together. :)